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Since I’ve been home recovering from surgery I have spent a lot of time actually talking on my phone, an iPhone 6S+. It has been a pretty decent phone. But in the past 4-6 weeks it’s been not so decent. All of a sudden people stopped being able to hear me. Then my friend who is absolutely not tech savvy said her iPhone had started to run through a full charge in just a few hours. I hadn’t noticed this and in fact had GREAT battery life. Heard it had something to do with the 11.3 update so I didn’t update.

Then one night in the midst of pain pill fog and sleepiness I thought I was turning off the update but instead hit the install update choice. Meh. Yesterday I was out with my mom. From leaving the house to Costco I was reading through Twitter and Facebook, had 80% charge when we left. The 20 minute trip and phone use had my phone at 20%!!! From Costco to Walmart with barely any use it was at 10%!