Stupid Phone!

Since I’ve been home recovering from surgery I have spent a lot of time actually talking on my phone, an iPhone 6S+. It has been a pretty decent phone. But in the past 4-6 weeks it’s been not so decent. All of a sudden people stopped being able to hear me. Then my friend who is absolutely not tech savvy said her iPhone had started to run through a full charge in just a few hours. I hadn’t noticed this and in fact had GREAT battery life. Heard it had something to do with the 11.3 update so I didn’t update.

Then one night in the midst of pain pill fog and sleepiness I thought I was turning off the update but instead hit the install update choice. Meh. Yesterday I was out with my mom. From leaving the house to Costco I was reading through Twitter and Facebook, had 80% charge when we left. The 20 minute trip and phone use had my phone at 20%!!! From Costco to Walmart with barely any use it was at 10%!

So now I’m annoyed as hell and thinking I will use my upgrade. I had gone to T-Mobil prior to my surgery to see what my options were and while I wasn’t completely dissuaded away from the iPhone 8+ the consensus was that the Samsung Note 8 was a better phone for longevity. Now I was a hardcore Android user, from the S3 to the S4 to the Note 4 (that survived being run over by multiple cars at DFW and was still working great when I switched to the current iPhone), and switched back to iPhone since it paired so nicely with my iPad and MacBook Pro.

Now it may be the time for me to jump back to Android and the Note 8. And there is literally one reason that may be the tipping point for me…Free custom ringtones. Yeah you read that correctly. I despise the fact that I can’t easily (or for free) set custom ringtones for my contacts. With Android, I had a ringtone for each of the contacts I speak to frequently so that when I have my Bluetooth on I don’t have pull my phone out to see who is calling. Yes this one really insignificant thing is probably what will push me to the Note 8.

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