Tiffany SketchThanks for stopping by my little piece of the web. My name is Tiffany Trott and I am NOT that character from that book (of which I have about 8 copies of).

I am a digital and social media marketer by day and a freelance photographer in my free time. In my previous life I was a sports reporter. Here you will find a few samples of my work, my online resume and other  little tidbits about me.

Take a look around, check out a few links and learn a little bit about me and if you find something that intrigues you then please get in touch so we can discuss it in detail.

Thanks and have a great day!


Recent Blog Posts


Change Happens Quickly

Friday was my last day at Ford Audio-Video. Today I started at BealsCunningham Strategic Services as their new Digital Marketing Specialist.

Cut the Cord

Cutting The Cord…No More Cable Bill For Me!

So before I moved in to my apartment I had already made the decision that I wasn’t going to subscribe to cable TV. I really didn’t need 300+ channels of crap TV to watch.


With Change Comes Growth

Today marks four weeks at the new gig. Four weeks of growth and learning. I knew this position would truly test me and force me to grow, but I didn’t realize it would start on day one.

Oklahoma City Skyline

Oklahoma Where The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plain…

Well I did it guys, I found a new job! It’s not in Denver. Or Colorado. Or Kansas. I’ve landed in Oklahoma of all places.



In this adventure to find a new gig I have been able to learn a…