Oklahoma Where The Wind Comes Sweeping Down The Plain…

Well I did it guys, I found a new job! It’s not in Denver. Or Colorado. Or Kansas. I’ve landed in Oklahoma of all places. Oklahoma City, well Moore, is where I now call home.

Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you are.

I’ve been here for about two weeks and have only been lost 27 times. That may not be an accurate count. It’s probably more.

But for the most part the transition is going well. I found an apartment that I move in to on July 3rd and am collecting things for my move. You know like paper plates, plastic spoons and forks…toilet paper! I really have nothing for a home so I get to buy all new things…

I am going to try to spend next week and weekend looking for furniture but there is no America Furniture Warehouse so I am kinda confused on where one shops for furniture here. I am sure I will figure it out.

As for the job, I have found a great home at Ford Audio-Video here in Oklahoma City. So far it has been amazing! Love the company and the folks I have met so far and my job is fantastic! Challenging with lots of opportunity for growth and to learn! Everything I was looking for and then some!

I haven’t ventured out a lot in these first two weeks, but hopefully this weekend I can get down to Bricktown to relax a bit. 

Look for new adventures as they come up…

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