What Am I?

Today I was asked a question that stumped me…”What are you?”.

Not DNA makeup, but experience and skills. You see I have a very wide background of experience and knowledge that melds with each other, but has no real definition so to speak.

I started out my adult life as a journalist. Writing for newspapers around the country. Then I went online news working and editing websites for news organizations. Then I somehow made the leap to application developer for the government and several private companies. And when that era ended I turned to digital and social media marketing. 

So now I am ready to take on a new adventure and trying to find something that all of these skills fold into has been trying to say the least. Too much experience in this area, too little in that area, or just too much experience overall (overqualified).

But since I have narrowed the search and focus I have been getting closer to pinpointing the right space for me to be in and am finding opportunities that I do fit in. But what am I? Am I a journalist with tech and marketing skills? A developer who can write and do SEO? Or a digital marketer that can do content? Or? Right…it’s a meld of things that make sense but has no name.

I imagine that when I find the right spot, whatever that spot is called will be what I am.

For right now, I am a chick with a ton of skills and a veracious appetite for knowledge. Hopefully that is good enough.

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