Dream Realized

It wasn’t until this afternoon when I was handed some magazines at work that I realized one of my childhood dreams has come to fruition. When I was a kid I wanted two things…to be a lawyer and to work for an ad agency. I read law books and AdWeek for as long as I can remember.
The lawyer dream could easily be realized, but I don’t want to go back to school. The ad agency part was always something I never thought would happen because I am not your traditional creative type. I dabble in graphics but it’s rudimentary at best.
But my creative talent with words has lead me down a path that I didn’t think would end with me living my dream.
Today, I was handed my subscription to AdWeek because I now work for an ad agency. My creative talent with words has me creating digital ads for major national and international brands.
I’ve been here at BealsCunnigham almsot 14 months now and I can say I never imagined I would be doing the things I am doing right now. The strong skill set I thought I had walking in the door was humbled and I began learning things I had only read about in passing. I am learning and TEACHING others things that are ahead of the curve so we are always doing the best we can for our clients.
And we are KILLING IT!! This small, unassuming, ad agency tucked away in an old radio station in NW OKC is doing so well that we are taking clients from bigger agencies because what we do performs so well. It’s a great feeling and awesome to have the hard work recognized and appreciated by both clients and the ownership.
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