Getting Back To Reality

So I am finally getting back to being a human being.

I had major surgery on November 8th and have been in recovery mode since then. Eight weeks of nothing but rest, pain meds and a whole lot of Netflix and Hulu! The last month has been me easing back into the real world and wearing real pants (OUCH!).

Life without certain major internal organs has been a true life altering experience. All the medication that I take for my kidney/liver/diabetes started causing different side effects from what I had grown to expect. Anyone who is on lifetime medications knows the roller coaster ride I am on.

I’m taking each day as it comes, striving for positivity in all I do. I have never been big on making New Year resolutions, but I did set some goals for 2018:

  • Find new career related learning opportunities
  • Learn either sign language (better) or Spanish
  • Lose 25lbs (lost 23 before surgery now need to continue on)
  • Travel for pleasure more

Nothing too crazy, just some things I would like to do to better myself. 

So while I get back to “adulting” I hope that you all are living life to the fullest in 2018!



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