Reinventing Myself…

I have had many successful careers over the years. From journalist to application developer to digital marketing professional…and many other paths in between. It wasn’t that I just felt the need to move around a lot, but I am a true jack of all trades. I take my passions and run with them so I know a lot about a lot of things…and I’ve utilized that knowledge to advance myself in careers that seemed fun and interesting.

I absolutely love the digital marketing and social marketing realm I am currently in. It’s great figuring out what motivates people to engage with a product or company and seeing that online message convert to a sale and happy customer. Matching people with the right product at the right time. Simple.

But back when I was doing application development I loved the analytical thought process and taking an idea to functional concept. It’s honestly a career that I never fully left. I have always picked up side jobs and projects doing development, kept up with my skills and stayed true to my desire to always learn more by continuing to take classes and workshops in different programming languages.

So with that said I made the decision a few weeks ago to make a lateral move and jump back on the development career path. I’m taking the next 3-4 months to engage in some refresher courses for the coding languages I know and a few more intensive courses to add a some new languages to my skill set.

I have a game plan and a goal for 2018 and this will help me realize it and reinvent myself into what I hope to be a 100% virtual employee. My desire is to be able to work from ANYWHERE. I no longer want to be tied to a desk or a city or a location simply because of work. Currently what I do could be done from any spot in the WORLD, but since I am employed by a company with one location with no virtual employees…I am tied to that location.

I am putting in the work to make my plan, goals and desires come true.

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