Friendship Lost

After I came out to most of my friends and family I had one person who just couldn’t seem to accept it. It went from laughter, to disbelief, to ridicule, to downright evil.

She had always suspected I guess and did more judging and trash talking over the years about gays than almost every other person I knew combined and multiplied. She had a gay cousin who she adored but other than that her views on the LGBTQ people she encountered were pretty ugly.

So after I told her she thought it was funny that all these years she “knew”. She accused me of lying to her all the years we had been friends. She accused me of lying to her now. She said I was just seeking attention. But the biggest issue she had with me is that “now everyone is going to think you and I are together.” I have not laughed that hard in a long time.

She was not even remotely close to anyone I found attractive, physically or emotionally. She was a rather piss poor excuse for a human due to her very ugly personality and the way she treated people. So I told her I doubted anyone who knew me would think that because she was not my type. That threw her for a loop. How dare I not be attracted to her! (See the crazy working here…I don’t want anyone thinking we are together but why aren’t you attracted to me?)

For the sake of friendship I tried to move on, until the day I told her about the woman I was dating and how I was happy. She proceeded to tell me that I was gay so I didn’t deserve to be happy since she wasn’t happy. She was beautiful and deserved to be happy over someone who is gay. Yeah…she was promptly put out of my truck and told to fuck off and I drove off.

Haven’t seen her since that day. Fortunately that seems to be the only friend I have lost since I started living MY life for me. Life is too short for much else.

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